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8 Nerdy Gifts All Designers Will Love

Picking out presents for those closest to you can feel like you’re trying to decide which family member you love more. If you think of a heartfelt present for your sister, than you pretty much have to make sure that whatever you buy your mom is just as good. However, if you have a designer to buy for, I’ve got you covered. (Family of mine, are you taking notes?)

Pillows for Geeks by Craftsquatch

catch22 gifts

It takes a lot of brain power to be creative. Give the special designer in your life the gift of sleep with these fun Adobe and social media icon pillows to dress up their home or even office. Besides, is buying pillows ever a bad idea? I think not.


Foot Hammock by FUUT

catch22 gifts

Putting your feet on the floor is so 2015. Get your designer friend, or anyone you care about, this awesome foot hammock. It easily attaches to any desk using hooks, and you even have the option to buy a heated one!


Temporary Tattoos by Tattly

catch22 gifts

Two things I know for sure: Designers love gushing over tattoos (even if they don’t have any themselves), and acting like pretentious jerks by referring to colors by their pantone and hex colors – because saying your favorite color is #000000 sounds much cooler than black. Tattly offers a beautiful assortment of temporary tattoos like the thin-lined pantone color box one above and other great designs your designer friends can wear all year long.


Scrabble Typography 3rd Edition by Andrew Capener

catch22 gifts

If you’re really trying to win over a designer’s heart, gift them this wonderful typography edition of Scrabble. But take this as a warning: The designer may get too carried away with matching up the different typefaces that actually playing the game might be impossible.


3D Printing Pen by 3D Doodler

catch22 gifts

This incredible 3d pen allows you to draw anything your heart desires. Really, this is an awesome gift for anyone, not just designers, but I can definitely see myself using it to “brainstorm” work ideas. The best part? You’re actually creating an object. Turn those cat drawings and weird doodles or yours into fun desk ornaments and sell them on Etsy!


Letterpress Cookie Cutters by Fred & Friends

catch22 gifts

Does the designer in your life also like to eat? If so, then I bet they will love these adorable letterpress cookie cutters. Bonus: How fun/mean would it be to give your friends and family a bag of cookies created with these that they then have to unscramble the letters to find a secret message before eating them?


Pixel Ruler by UI Stencils

catch22 gifts

Give the gift of practicality with this handy pixel ruler. Your designer friend will think of you every time they’re spending late nights wire-framing a website. Need something to go with it? UI Stencils’ entire site is packed-full of essential tools for any designer, or even developer, on your list.


Website Deck by UX Kits

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 This handy deck of cards is every web designer’s dream. Each card contains key site architecture wireframes, which provides a simpler, more-visual way to design websites. My favorite part is that they provide designers with an option to get some screen-free time, but still boost productivity.

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