22 Inbound Marketing Stats to Convince Your Boss

It’s official. In 2016, every business needs to be embracing inbound marketing. So if you’re having trouble convincing your outbound-loving boss that the time is now, here are 22 inbound marketing stats to do the talking for you.

On Lead Generation

1. Inbound Marketing yields 3 times more leads per dollar than traditional methods. (Kapost) (Tweet This)

2. Nurtured leads make 47% greater purchases compared to non-nurtured leads. (The Annuitas Group) (Tweet This)

3. Inbound Marketing can result in doubling the average website conversion rate from 6% to 12%. (HubSpot) (Tweet This)

4. On average, brands that publish 15 blog posts per month convert 1,200 new leads per month. (HubSpot) (Tweet This)

5. 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are also more likely to buy from that company. (Custom Content Council). (Tweet This)

On Content Creation

6. B2B Marketers give the highest priority and dedicate most of their time to 3 main content types: blogs, eBooks, and whitepapers. (Kapost) (Tweet This)

7. 67% of surveyed B2B companies rated Inbound Marketing as a top three or a very high priority component of their overall marketing strategy for 2015. (Kapost) (Tweet This)

8. Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors than those who don’t. (HubSpot) (Tweet This)

On Customer Buying Habits

9. 68% of online buyers will spend considerable time reading content published by a brand they are interested in. (The CMA) (Tweet This)

10. Online buyers go through about 57% of the buying cycle on their own without talking to sales. (Executive Board) (Tweet This)

11. 80% of business decision makers favor getting brand information via an article series more than ads. (Content Marketing Institute) (Tweet This)

12. The average online shoppers attention span is 8 seconds. (B2B Marketing Insider) (Tweet This)

13. 80% of business decision makers prefer to get information in a series of articles versus an advertisement. (Exact Target) (Tweet This)

On Digital Media

14. By 2017, video marketing will dominate nearly 70% of consumer website traffic. (Cisco) (Tweet This)

15. 63% of B2B Marketers believe video marketing is effective for their business. (Top Rank Blog) (Tweet This)

On Cost

16. Businesses that mainly rely on Inbound Marketing save more than $14 for every newly acquired customer. (State of Inbound Marketing) (Tweet This)

17. Mid-sized businesses save 31% on Inbound Marketing costs compared to paid search. (Eloqua) (Tweet This)

18. The cost of 3 out of 4 Inbound Marketing channels is less than the cost of any outbound marketing channel. (Mashable) (Tweet This)

19. Inbound leads cost 61% less on average than outbound leads. (HubSpot) (Tweet This)

On Email Marketing

20. The average email list deteriorates 25% per year. (HubSpot) (Tweet This)

21. “Secrets” is the most clicked lead nurturing subject line word. (HubSpot) (Tweet This)

22. 81% of US digital shoppers surveyed said they were at least somewhat likely to make additional purchases, either online or in a store, as a result of targeted emails (Harris Interactive). (Tweet This)


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