Inbound Marketing is marketing with a magnet not a sledgehammer.

Using the knowledge of buyer behavior, a proven methodology and the World’s #1 integrated marketing software, inbound marketing is about delivering you customers whilst giving them exactly what they want.

Inbound Triangle
Inbound Marketing Attract

Stage 1: ATTRACT

We focus on generating the right traffic to your website through relevant and targeted content. Using established tools such as blogging, social media marketing, SEO and relevant keywords, we help you attract the type of traffic that easily turns into leads.

Stage 2: CONVERT

Your success relies on understanding who your ideal customer is and what challenges they face (we call it persona driven marketing), then applying it to your website and all your inbound marketing. So we’re not just converting more leads, we’re helping you create loyal and passionate customers who are happy to buy from you and help you grow.

Inbound Marketing Convert
Inbound Marketing Close

Stage 3: CLOSE

We help you delight visitors and customers by automating timely follow-up emails, setting up logical workflows and integrating all the elements of your website, online marketing and your CRM under one roof. So you can work with one company and one piece of software. Stress reducing. Time saving. Game changer.

G&V experienced 1140% increase in requests & 900% in monthly revenues.

James Nash

I contacted Catch22 Marketing with a simple brief: design a new website that will not only look good but drive the business forward and increase sales. The new site looks great, and more importantly, with Cameron’s help our marketing is increasing sales dramatically. What I like about working with them is the attention to detail and the continued support and feedback – even after the site is up and running.

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“Businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience a 451% increase in qualified leads.” We know Inbound Marketing works and we’d love to show you what we can do for your business.

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