Instagram for Business – 5 Powerful Instagram Analytics Tools You’ll Adore

With an ever-increasing focus on visual content, Instagram for business is a necessity if you want to grow your brand’s social media presence. Savvy business owners and marketing professionals understand the powerful potential of Instagram’s huge user base. If Instagram is part of your visual social media marketing strategy, it is crucial you understand and track your efforts on this top engagement-inducing platform. Thanks to entrepreneurs within the social media marketing space, there are now numerous Instagram analytics tools at your disposal. Review these five Instagram for business analytics tools to see which ones will help you supercharge your visual marketing efforts online:


Minter offers a powerful suite of tracking tools for Instagram users. Analyze everything from hashtags to engagement rates. For competition monitoring and image optimization, Minter is a must-discover resource for those using Instagram for business.

Tubular Labs

If influencer outreach is part of your Instagram video plan, Tubular Labs is a terrific tool to have in your arsenal. Discover influencers relevant to your business niche so you can target your outreach efforts. Share videos from top Instagram influencers in an effort to connect with their audience’s demographic. Track engagement rates on multiple video platforms, including YouTube, Vine, and Facebook, and compare your brand’s efforts against others in your market.

Social Rank

Social Rank is a fabulous find for brand marketers who want to improve their audience engagement rates on Instagram. Do a deep dive into Social Rank’s audience intelligence tools to discover valuable connections for your business. Find followers by where they live or by keywords in their Instagram bio, or discover influencers based upon their follower count. Once you discover the power of Social Rank, you’ll wonder how you ever managed your business’ Instagram account without it.


Piqora is a fabulous tool for Instagram and Pinterest users. Their powerful scheduling interface helps you understand your audience’s interactions on a daily, monthly, and seasonal basis. Notice patterns in engagement rates based upon which days of the week you post, and use that data tracking to power your posting activities going forward. You can even analyze posting patterns by the time of day to help you understand whether mornings, afternoons, or evenings are your brand’s best times to engage with potential customers.


Iconosquare is a must-use tool for brands on Instagram. Their awesome analytics tools include community monitoring, growth tracking, hashtag analysis, and filter tracking. Discover which Instagram hashtags receive the most likes, which photos receive the most comments, and which Instagram users you should be following. Track new followers, engage with existing followers, and understand your business’ Instagram growth rates on a daily/monthly basis.

If your brand is savvy enough to be using Instagram for audience outreach, it is imperative you track your results on an ongoing basis. Neglecting to use Instagram analytics tools means you’re posting blindly without a clear understanding of the impact your posts are having on your target audience. If you want to grow your follower count and boost your lead generation opportunities, a strong analytic approach to Instagram is critical. How many of the above-listed analytics resources for Instagram will you be integrating into your brand’s visual marketing efforts?

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