What Celebrities Can Teach You About Marketing

Whether you like them or not, it’s no secret that celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian are killing it with their marketing. Everything they touch, from social media platforms to in-person performances are perfectly curated. Loyal fans freak out over every photo posted, have online feuds with each other, and don’t even think twice about shelling out loads of money to support whatever they’re doing next, whether it’s a concert, an app or a new clothing line.

This type of brand loyalty is something that companies have been striving to achieve for years. Some have either through great branding, influencer marketing or outstanding customer service, but many struggle to truly capture their audience. Here are a few factors that set the top brands apart from the rest:

Consistency Is Key

During the release of Taylor Swift’s album Red in October 2012 and throughout the next two years as she was promoting and touring, she was almost never seen without her signature red lipstick. Celebs understand the value of consistency with their brand. It’s how their perceived, what influences attitudes and opinions of them, whether they are fake or not.

In general, consistency should be seen throughout logo usage and brand colors, but don’t ignore the importance of also having it through written content (such as tone) and email sign-offs.

In addition, consistency with customer service is vital to a business’ success. Take Trader Joe’s, for example. Their easy return policy gives buyers the confidence to spend their money because they know if they aren’t happy, they can just return it. There is no commitment. This, however, only works when you have consistency. I don’t need to explain the headaches that will come if one customer is allowed to return whatever, but no one else can.

Be Genuine

Something that has made me a constant fan of Taylor Swift throughout the years is how she is constantly giving back and interacting with her fans. When one of them is bullied, she stands up for them. When someone is sick, she does something to help.

In short, she isn’t blind to the fact that she would be nowhere without her fans. However, it often seems that a lot of businesses are. People want to connect with brands. They want to know the person behind them and what they stand for. If the company feels distant and deceptive, they will loose business.

According to Kissmetrics, being genuine works because…

  • “It elevates your business above the competition.
  • It builds your identity and image into something influential.
  • It gives substance to your business, services and products.
  • It enables people to relate to your business.
  • It helps people understand how what you offer is of benefit to them.
  • It tells people that what you offer is of high quality.
  • It marks you out as a reliable, trustworthy company.
  • It encourages engagement and can turn audiences into advocates.”

Have Fun

Celebrities are the best are showing off their personality throughout their marketing. For companies, it can be a little more challenging when you are more than just one person. However, company culture will happen whether you want it to or not, which is why it’s so important to establish it from the beginning and represent it throughout your marketing and customer interactions. Gone are the days where brands can be super serious and still have a dedicated fan base.

Think about who you like to follow on social media and why. What are the posts that you ‘Like’ the most? Chances are, your customers will like them too. Go with your gut and show some personality!

Provide Value

From social media streams to email and television, consumers are in a serious content overload. If you don’t focus on providing valuable information, nothing will stop your customers from unsubscribing and unliking your content and company pages.

If you’re struggling to figure out what value looks like, ask yourself if what you’re promoting will be helpful to your customers. Are you giving them a solution to a problem, or are you just promoting your new product? You wouldn’t send your friends and family constant links to products that you know they wouldn’t like, so don’t do it to your customers.

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Posted by Ariel Valley

Web designer, writer, social media lover and inbound marketer at Catch22 Marketing. Also known as a professional coffee taster, shoe enthusiast and film buff. Connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter @ariel_valley.

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