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What Is the Value of My Website?

If your company has a website, then you have most likely asked the question, “What is the value of my website?” or “How much is my website worth?” This is a commonly asked question because people who invest a lot of time, energy, and money want to know if their work is paying off. The great thing about owning a website is that you can create value with a minimal investment. For example, if you only pay for website design and hosting, and you add quality content on a consistent basis, then you can create value through hard work alone.

Regardless of your methods for increasing traffic and/or revenue, you’re going to want to know how much your website is worth. Several website valuation tools can be found online. In most cases, you will receive inflated numbers because the site offering the website value wants you to return in the future. If the site is offering good news, then you’re more likely to return. This is an unfortunate reality because these inflated numbers give the site owner a false sense of hope. If you truly want an accurate number in regards to the value of your website, then you should always check for these specific metrics:


0-10 with 10 being highest. Shows authority of your site.

Unique Visitors Per Month

Some people claim this metric is losing value, but it will never truly lose value. The more unique visitors to your site per month, the more potential your site has in regards to sales and ad revenue.


How much money do the products and/or services on your site bring in each month? If AdSense is set up, how much does it bring in per month?

Google Backlinks

How many Google backlinks go to your site?


What is your site’s Alexa ranking? Alexa is a ranking system for the most popular websites on the Internet. If you can get your site under the one-million mark, the value of your website will increase substantially.


Does all the content on your site pass Copyscape? Copyscape checks for re-used content. If all the content passes this test, it’s a good sign.

Most website valuation tools don’t use Facebook and Twitter stats. These can increase the value of a website as well, but they’re not as important as organic traffic. If you want the best long-term results, then it’s always best to focus most on adding high-quality content.

Once you have received an accurate number in regards to the value of your site, you can put it up for auction if you’d like. However, if your site has value and you haven’t owned it for long, then it would be wise to keep working on it. The more content you add to your website, the more the value of your website increases.

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